Tips to Use a Great Medical Service to Save Money

Those who suffer from bad eyesight will have probably heard about the Lasik surgery which offers some respite from poor eyesight. However, the cost of this kind of surgery can be beyond some people but there is hope at hand. Vision insurance covers some of the cost of this kind of surgery and brings down the expense to within limits. With the vision insurance plan the client can plan and execute this kind of surgery as and when it is needed.

The surgery consists of an operation on the eyeball itself. Most people with good vision have a perfectly round eyeball but those with certain kinds of eye deficiencies have an egg shaped eyeball on the two different planes. This means that the retina is looking through a slanted lens instead of one that is perfectly flat thus the eyesight is distorted.

What Lasik surgery does is to shave off some cells on the front of the eye, after some careful measuring, to make this area flat and thus improve the eyesight to almost perfect. Of course, some people may still have to wear some kind of eye ware after this but the prescription is normally lighter making the glasses much thinner and more comfortable.

Naturally, some people are afraid of this type of surgery particularly because the patient stays awake through the procedure. However, it only takes one person to be brave enough to take the first step, and then the rest are sure to follow.

The general rule is that the person who wants the surgery can choose from a list of preferred surgeons given by the insuring company. If he picks one of these to do the work at hand, then the saving is around one thousand dollars per eye. If he wants to find a surgeon of his own preference, the savings can be made but they are of a lesser value for sure.

This kind of surgery and plan is normally open to company employees when they already are in possession of general medical coverage. The rates for the premiums are somewhere in the range of around half a dollar per month per person. The great thing about having this additional coverage is that it normally includes members of the close family too. That means that if several people take advantage of the discounts then there are substantial amounts of savings to be had.

Considering that this surgery has come down in price over the recent years, it is surprising that a lot of people have not taken advantage of it. It really is probably due to the still high price because even with the discounts it can be more than two thousand dollars per eye. However, because of the extreme benefits of the surgery, and who would not want to throw those eye glasses away, more people are considering taking this step. For just some minor discomfort for a few days, the eye sight is put back to normal and the patient can go about his business without the daily struggle of using glasses.