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Why You Should Bring Your Vehicle to a Full-Service Auto Repair Shop

Chain auto repair shops are seen everywhere these days. You probably have taken your car in one of these repair shops for some quick job when you don’t need major services. Sometimes if you are a specific car problem, then you look for an auto repair shop that specializes in that particular service. These shops can really be reliable shops but they have limited services. But, being limited with low pricing can also affect total car care. The mechanics of these shops may not be as experienced as the mechanics in full service shops. And they may recommend that you bring your car for servicing more frequently than what your car needs.

Full-service mechanics look at your vehicle as a whole and not just its parts. The employee turnover in full-service shops are very low compared to specialized shops. Mechanics in a full-serve shop have exposure to more models of cars and technologies. They have the knowledge of different performance issues that car owners have trouble with.

The training of full-service mechanics include new car specs and the services that older cars need. The impact of climate on the maintenance of vehicle is something that full-service mechanics are aware of. An example would be the frequency of oil change in different climates. They know that their vehicle owners should change oil more frequently when the climate is extremely hot or cold. It is possible for vehicle owners to prolong the efficiency and life-cycle of their vehicles on their own, and full-service mechanics are able to advise them on the proper things to do.

Most full-service shops charge reasonably for their services. Most charge a flat rate for their services which are usually lower than the charges given by dealerships. Dealerships have a huge overhead cost because of the need for a big space for showcasing cars but this is not true for full-service repair shops so their overhead cost is lower. When full-service mechanics are paid, it is either by the hour or they are given a regular salary which is based on their job performance or their skills. With this scheme, mechanics are not tempted to cut corners or get pressured to increase the number of repairs they do.

A full-service auto repair shop lives with good customer service. Their business continues with every good word from their customers. Service-oriented businesses largely survive on customer service. These companies work hard to build strong and lasting relationships with their customers since they value customer trust. To help their customers save time and money, they offer bundled routing services like tire rotation and balancing with oil change, etc.

Surveys show that more people prefer putting their cars in a full-service shop than in dealerships because of cost considerations. Only those who own very expensive cars prefer dealerships.

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