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Tips to Consider When Looking for the Cheap Way to Ship Packages to U.S

Many companies both big and small are on the look for the cheapest method to ship their packages to the US. The size of the package, the distance to be covered and the special handling of the package is what dictates how expensive or cheap the shipment services will be. Nevertheless, despite the shipment demands of the package you need to find the best means that will charge you fairly. This page has more hints on what you need to do to ship packages within your budget.

To begin with, let’s consider the over 2lbs ground delivery. The are two option for the underground shipment that is the FedEx and UPS which are mostly used to ship the packages that have the weight more than 2lbs. The FedEx is the cheapest way to ship your package if it’s above 2lbs. However, if your package has to be charged for the dimensional weight then it will be expensive for you since both of this options charge for the dimensional weight. Also understand that the measurement for the dimensional weight varies from one company to the other. When it comes to dimensional charges the USPS will be the cheapest but you have to make sure that you use small boxes for packaging.

The other tip is for under 2lbs ground delivery. The USPS will charge you less than other options if your package is below 2lbs.

Then let’s look at the tip 0f flat rates For the package that is within 70lbs and sent through the USPS priority mail it will take up to 3 business day to be delivered. The USPS becomes the better option here because the others take up to 5 days to deliver the package and also in case of FedEx their flat rate is up to a package of up 50lbs with the UPS having no flat rate for you.

The other thing to mind about is if you want the next day delivery services. In case you have looked for the next day services then you will be better off if you choose the USPS for its cheap services. In case you go for this option you should be sure that the customers will not their packages immediately. You are guaranteed get your money back in case the clients don’t receive the package on time but you should also be ready to pay more for the overnight deliveries. In case you need fast and reliable package delivery to consider the FedEx and the UPS although they are very costly.

Ensure you check out for discounts, negotiate for the price cuts, and consider your packaging style and also the distance so that you can get the cheapest shipping deals.

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