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Advantages of Sod Grass

Grass is very important in people’s lives not only to the environment but also to the peoples well-being and health. A lot of people have adopted the way of planting green grass around their homes and offices to maintain a good look of the environment. A lot of people do not know whether to use seed grass or sod for their lawn making. Friends and neighbours can be sometimes the inspiration behind you wanting to have a good lawn in your compound. A lot of people opt to use the sod grass because of its many benefits. Of course it is expensive than seed grass but it is because it is already grown and you are paying someone else for job well done. When you choose the sod grass you will not have to be patient for years so as to start using it but only some five to six weeks. In this article, some of the benefits of sod grass are discussed.

One of the advantages of sod grass is that it is ready instantly after instalment and also it makes all the compound look green and beautiful. Your dreams of having a home compound covered with green grass is satisfied immediately compared to seed grass where you have to wait for like two years for the seeds to grow into grass. Using seed grass leaves your compound looking untidy for some time because of the patches and the materials used to cover the seeds for protection. To all the people who cannot wait for the grass seeds to grow into lawns then they are advised to use the sod grass.

Another very good benefit of sod grass is that they need few maintenance practices compared to the grass seeds. The sod needs to be often irrigated so as to keep the sod grass always moist but it does not require much irrigation like the grass seeds do. The number of times sod grass should be irrigated are lesser compared to the number of times the grass seeds need to be irrigated. This helps save a lot of time and water as well.

As soon as the sod lawn has been installed it is ready for use compared to grass seeds which you need to wait for years to start using it. Grass seeds are delicate even when they start sprouting and can be easily damaged but with the sod grass lawn you can use it for various activities like playing and entertainment just some few weeks after it has been installed. Generally, the sod is not as delicate as the seed grass and you will not need to be careful when stepping on it.

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