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Uses of Water Tanks and The Varieties Available in The Market

Water storage tanks help in ensuring thaw water in available for use in various field like for domestic use, for agricultural use, for food preparation and many other uses. During early times, tanks were made from stones, wood and other natural materials and they stored water in them for various kinds of uses.

Many water storage facilities are now available to be used by people as water has many uses in one’s life and they therefore help in ensuring that people’s lives are swift by availing water to them in times of lack and some of them include the following. We have got chemical contact tanks which are mainly used in that have chemical treatments in them for allowing retention and are used in ways like storing rain waters. There is a type of tanks called ground water tank that is filled with water to be used in periods when demand for water is at its peak and the water filled in them is usually from the ground surface. Elevated tanks are some feet high above the ground with different capacities that have capabilities of supplying water for domestic and industrial use. There is a type of tanks that is used in water transportation between places, are of different sizes and must meet the standards specified in the international organization for standardization.

The tanks have to be made based on certain stands and rules. During the design of water tanks, one needs to be careful with the material they use as some may lead to poisoning and also the very tanked need to be washed year after year to avoid this harm.
Water tanks are used in a variety of ways. Water tanks are important in the collection of water from roofs as this is helps in cutting the expenses that could be incurred in acquiring water for domestic and industrial use.

Tanks are used for irrigation purposes where crops are watered at any time despite the current water situation. Water storage tanks can also be applied in the mining field to ensure that production keeps running by ensuring that there is enough supply of water needed to conduct the operations.

Portable tanks ensure that safe drinking water is available to the public at any given time and anyone anywhere can get access to it. They can also be used in providing water to be used in emergency cases like fire outbreaks.

Water tanks provide additional water to be used in various ways other than just depending on rainfall and also help in cost reduction as the costs that were to be incurred in the construction of canals as a source of water and also wells in areas where they are expensive is cut.

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